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Peraturan lomba merpati kolongan meja PMTI

A. UKURAN LAPANG DAN JARAK PENERBANGAN 1. Ukuran lapangana. Ukuran lapang atau kalangan berbentuk bujur sangkar dengan panjang 9m, lebar 9m dan Tinggi Tiang 9m.b. Ukuran patek 80cm x 80 cm dengan tinggi 80cm. Dimana jarak antara Patek 60cm.c. Posisi patek ditengah agak kebelakang dimana jarak tiang patek dengan garis antara

Macam-macam penyakit pada merpati

1. Penyakit Yang Disebabkan oleh Virus Newcastle Disease (ND)- Paramyxovirus (sejenis ND)- Pigeon Pox (patek)- Herpesvirus- Adenovirus- Circovirus- Arbovirus Penyakit yang disebebkan oleh virus tidak bisa diobati dengan antibiotik, tetapi hanya bisa dicegah dengan cara vaksinasi. Penyebuhan hanya mengandalkan pada daya tahan tubuh untuk mengatasi berkembangnya virus tersebut. Pada saat daya tahan


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Memilih merpati Tinggi

Disadur dari tulisan mas Bengkuk (Dona) yg dimuat dalam forum merpati... Silakan para pembaca berspekulasi Spekulasi memilih merpati tinggian Bentuk Kepala Pilih burung yang mempunyai kepala besar dan dengan batok kepala depan lebih tinggi dari batok kepala belakang "nonong", tapi pilih yang mempunyai derajat kemiringan antara pangkal hidung dg atas batok kepala

Alat Navigasi Merpati Tinggian

Salah satu kehebatan merpati pos adalah kemampuan untuk pulang ke kandang walaupun dilepas dari jarak ratusan kilo meter. Yang lebih hebat lagi, dia mampu mencari rumahnya meskipun dilepas dari tempat yang sama sekali belum pernah diliwatinya. Kehabatan merpati pos ini mengundang para ahli untuk membuat hipotesan dan merumuskan teori untuk menjawab misteri ini.


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The following is a guide that covers how to set up your new template on your Joomla site. Here you can find an overview of the files included in the SolarSentinel release and instructions on installing and activating the template in your Joomla install. [span class=attention] Video Tutorial Currently Available! Launch the Joomla


[tutorial url="index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=70" img="images/tutorials/icon1.png" title="Installation" label="Read More..."]An overview of template files and instructions for installing and activating the template.[/tutorial] [tutorial url="index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=60&Itemid=71" img="images/tutorials/icon2.png" title="Extensions" label="Read More..."]Learn all about the included custom modules and how to configure them for your site.[/tutorial] [tutorial url="index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=61&Itemid=72" img="images/tutorials/icon3.png" title="Menu Options" label="Read More..."]An overview of the menu options including the

HTML Typography

This tutorial page features all the typography available with the template, showcasing them in HTML form. If you wish to use the RokCandy format, which is WYSIWYG friendly, please go to the RokCandy Typography page. This page shows all of the typography styles and settings in action. If you would like

RokCandy Typography

[span class=alert]The RokCandy component is required for the syntax below to work.[/span] The below examples are using the syntax that functions when you use the new RocketTheme component, RokCandy. RokCandy processes your content and changes the pre-defined syntax such as [important] to the correct, and pre-formatted HTML that had to

Typography Overview

Typography is a fundamental part of a template, providing you with the tools to characterise your content and bring it to life. There is a vast array of typography available with this template, as is with our previous releases, from list styles, notice blocks and a diverse number of other

RokTabs Module

RokTabs is a fully independent and incredibly flexible standalone version of the popular template feature, RokSlide. That being, a module that displays content in tabs that are scrollable and can rotate automatically. The module itself is installable into Joomla and can be easily utilised on any template, not just SolarSentinel.

RokAjaxSearch Module

window.addEvent('domready', function(){ var Tips4 = new Tips($$('.Tips4'), { className: 'tut-tool', showDelay: 100, hideDelay: 1750, fixed: true }); }); RokAjaxSearch brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla, using the powerful and versatile javascript library, Mootools. So, what does the module do? The best description is an example, simple type test in the search box in the left column of SolarSentinel

RokBox Plugin

RokBox, the successor of our popular RokZoom plugin, is a mootools powered JavaScript slideshow that allows you to quickly and easily display multiple media formats including images, videos (video sharing services also) and music. RokBox provides a theme system that allows you to create your own custom ones to fit

RokCandy Component

RokCandy is a new component from RocketTheme which provides BBcode type functionality into Joomla. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the WYSIWYG editor stripping out your custom code, or worry about your HTML abilities in order to use the various Typography and other styled elements. It changes the

Module Variations

Module Variations / Hilites allow you to vary individual modules which may otherwise inherit the same styling. This is typically achieved by adding a term into the code of the module, based on configuration in the Joomla Module Manager. Therefore, you can add styling for this in the template CSS

Module Positions

SolarSentinel has been constructed with an assortment of 32 module positions allowing for versatility and flexibility. These module positions are fully collapsible meaning that if there are no modules published in a particular area, that module area will not be shown. Several of these positions may not appear to be

Preset Styles

SolarSentinel is a stylish professional design with lots of versatility. You can choose one of the included color styles by specifying it in the template configuration. Most Important Lpi 101-400 Practise Questions Lpi 101-400 Practise Questions LPI Level 1 Exam 101, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 1 of 2 The business of


RocketTheme templates feature some amazingly advanced features and layout possibilities that open up a wide world of options for your sites. Unfortunately, the default Joomla content in a new Joomla install is very limited and does little to take advantage of the abilities of a modern Joomla template. Each of our